Actually Healing from SIBO?!

I hate to say it out of fear that it isn’t true, but I think I’m responding to the antibiotics very well. My only concerns are that I haven’t really felt what I would consider a “die-off” reaction, and I haven’t seen any biofilms being passed (but I don’t know that it’s necessary to pass biofilms in your stool to kill the bacteria). Here are my main observations over the last 13 days (tomorrow is the last day of the antibiotics – eeek!):

  1. The bacteria seem to really really love the guar gum. I’m reacting to it within 30 minutes of taking it. The reaction has lessened as the antibiotics course has progressed, though. For anyone looking to supplement their antibiotics with guar partially hydrolyzed guar gum, this is the one I have been using: here
  2. The first day or two, my BMs were excellent. I am normally constipated and only go about 3-4 times a week MAX (also using lots of magnesium citrate supplementation) After a few days of this, the D started. I’m talking lots of D. Probably between 6 to 8 times a day. Luckily, it wasn’t accompanied by any stomach pains or urgency, I just knew that I needed to go based on a fullness feeling and desire to pass gas. I actually didn’t mind this symptom too much because the D wasn’t painful like it was on the Elemental Diet. I also felt better knowing my intestines were being cleansed regularly.
  3. OMG, how did all that gas fit inside my body? Days 4 through 8 were the worst gas-wise. Even days 9 and 10 I had some gas, but probably my normal amount. I’m talking the kind of gas where you feel like you’re pregnant because the gas baby keeps kicking you and shifting. Since I was having D (see above), I couldn’t pass it freely when it did finally feel passable. So I’d run to the toilet, pass a little (along with more D), and literally feel no better because there was just SO MUCH GAS! I don’t think I looked that distended, but I never had much distention with my bloating anyways, more just that fullness-feeling. It was very uncomfortable and distracting, and my work productivity suffered because of it.
  4. Mild headaches, sometimes upon waking and sometimes not until later in the afternoon. Usually my headaches are related to hunger, but these were not. They were a slight nuisance but they would just come and go. I didn’t take any pain relievers for them, honestly because Ibuprofen usually does nothing for me, and my own paranoia about introducing other drugs during the antibiotics course. I don’t want to screw this thing up.
  5. All my symptoms are lessening in severity as the course of antibiotics progresses. The gas is still present, so I don’t think I’ve fully beat SIBO, but I do think I’ve made progress. The volume of gas definitely feels like it could be less. And the fact that I’m not constipated makes me hopeful that my methane may be gone, which is supposed to be the harder type to beat. That may return after the antibiotics though, since diarrhea is a side effect of Neomycin, so stay tuned. I didn’t have much methane to begin with which does make me hopeful about that.

Next steps for me are finishing this course of antibiotics, and immediately following it with Resotran (Resolor), a prokinetic drug that my Doctor prescribed. Hopefully I tolerate it well. Then just 3 days after finishing the antibiotics, I will have my follow-up appointment with my Doctor to discuss any improvements and game plan on whether to keep treating or re-test. I think I am going to push for a retest, even if my symptoms return more fully after the antibiotics. I really need some confirmation that all my efforts are working, so I want to know where I’m at. But then again, I would be super devastated if my numbers haven’t improved or have even worsened. Trying to stay positive. Anyway, here’s to hoping I’m on the path to slaying the SIBO dragon.

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