(Confirmed) SIBO Negative – I’m In Remission!

So by some chance, last week I decided to compile all the protocols I’ve done into a document so I could keep track of everything, and share with future practitioners I may work with or with other SIBO patients. I retook the SIBO breath test with lactulose just over 2 weeks ago, and found out the results today. I knew a negative test was a possibility since I’ve been telling people I feel about 75% better, and I’m reacting to less foods than I was before. I feel almost like my old self again. This is nearly as good as we can hope for after having SIBO…. at least Dr. Siebecker says that she sees people get as good as 90% usually, but not usually 100%. I can live with this. Please read the below document if you want information on how I got better:

Chelsea’s SIBO Success

I will say that although all this stuff worked for me, I recognize now more than ever that things that were the key to my getting better may not help others. It’s like once you find the key to treating your SIBO, the key is yours alone and will not work for others. As for what worked best for me, I don’t really know! I tested once when I was diagnosed and the only subsequent test was the negative test. I feel like I experienced the most die-off from the Rifaximin/Neomycin combination treatment. Two rounds of that were needed.

What’s next for me? I’m excited to resume my life, travel and get out more, maybe even have a few restaurant meals in the near future. Drew and I have a trip to Seattle planned in September and I’m excited to navigate that trip with fewer limitations. But the biggest thing I’m excited about is saving some money. I’ve been hemorrhaging money practically this whole year, just breaking even most months. As for diet, my new way of eating (mainly whole foods, mostly organic, free of gluten, lower in carbohydrates without being ketogenic–and generally low FODMAP-ish) is part of my life now, and I don’t mourn the loss of what once was my normal. Not to say I’ll never eat a piece of regular gluten-filled non-organic GMO pizza again, but at least 90% of my diet will continue to be lower fermentation (with FODMAP reintroductions as tolerable).

My advice to anyone still in the trenches of their SIBO treatment: stay the course, do your best at keeping a lower fermentation diet with foods you can tolerate, keep going with treatments and don’t get discouraged. All of my treatments had only about 2 weeks in between so I had a real shot at reducing the bacterial load instead of giving it a chance to build back up. You can do it SIBO warriors!

2 thoughts on “(Confirmed) SIBO Negative – I’m In Remission!

  1. Hi there, I am fighting this fight now and thank you for documenting all this for others who may need it. I am just beginning to read through it all. I am curious if you still feel you are in remission. I felt I had achieved that six months ago after a couple rounds of antibiotics, only to find I am starting again from scratch. Thank you again.


    1. Hi Kathleen,
      Yes, I am still doing very well! I have no symptoms and eat whatever I like. I also am not taking any supplements at this time. I haven’t been actively blogging since but I leave this up for anyone who may find it useful. I hope you are able to achieve remission at some point again soon.


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